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#SalesChats Ep. 14: Using Behavioral Science to Increase Your Sales with David Hoffeld


David Hoffeld – CEO and Chief Sales Trainer at Hoffeld Group – joins SalesChats to discuss:

Using Behavioral Science to Increase Your Sales

The connection between behavioral science and sales isn’t obvious to most, but delivers incredible impact as part of your sales process. Sales expert David Hoffeld explains why behavioral science is relevant in sales, especially to understand how buyers make decisions!

Join Hoffeld and John Golden for a fascinating discussion filled with actionable tips for using behavioral science to get most out of your sales efforts. Many practical examples are offered– including the powerful use (and great habit to get into) of priming. Listen to learn more!

Questions discussed:

Q1: What is behavioral science and why should #salespeople care about it? #SalesChats
Q2: What are the consequences if a salesperson is selling against the principles of influence? #SalesChats
Q3: Is there a suggested process for salespeople to put the theory of behavioral science into action? #SalesChats

***The #SalesChats Super-Charged Sales Tip: Name one of your daily secrets to getting in the right Mindset for Success?

June 25, 2015 1o:00 am -10:30 am

Google Hangout

About Author

David Hoffeld is the author of The Science of Selling and the CEO of Hoffeld Group, a research-based sales training and consulting firm that is the leader in translating the findings of neuroscience and behavioral science into practical, sales specific concepts, strategies and tactics that empower sales people to sell more.

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