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TV Experts / Sales Management / Dec 22, 2017 / Posted by Kevin Davis / 684 

How Sales Managers Can Control Time


When I ask sales managers in my seminars for the foremost issue that they face, the answer is always the same: not enough time! When asked what they would do if they *had* more time, they say they would spend more time coaching and teaching their reps–but again, they don’t have the time. Not having enough time to coach your salespeople is a huge problem–and it’s a vicious circle that leads to less and less time, and fewer and fewer sales targets attained. Find out how to unravel this!

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About Author

Kevin F. Davis is the president of TopLine Leadership Inc., specializing in sales management development and sales training. Early in his career, Kevin worked his way up from sales rep to sales manager, to general manager of a Fortune 200 company, and understands the unique challenges.

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