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TV Experts / Leadership / Nov 25, 2017 / Posted by Trish Bertuzzi / 2191 

The Keen Difference of Account Based Revenue Strategy


What is an account-based revenue strategy? Companies go to market different ways. For companies engaging in enterprise sales–big deals–they’ve had to reinvent themselves to get past the huge wall that buyers have put up. Account-based marketing has been around for some time, but as sales consultant and author of The Sales Development Playbook Trish Bertuzzi tells us, it’s not just about marketing to big accounts, it’s also about selling. Account-based revenue helps companies take the bigger picture into account. Hosted by John Golden.

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About Author

Trish is president of The Bridge Group, and promotes inside sales as an engine for revenue growth. She and her company have worked with over 200 B2B clients, and have been featured on, in Forbes, by associations like SLMA and AA-ISP, and across more than 68 other sales and marketing sites.

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