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6 Steps to Building Your Personal Brand: The Checklist


Your personal brand is the new sales call. Build it carefully.

The Importance of Your Personal Brand

This entertaining checklist accompanies our blog post about the importance of building a personal brand in today’s business environment.

Why is personal branding important?

The traditional sales call was designed to reach, qualify, and then pitch your prospect — by phone or in person. Today, that sales call has changed. To be effective today requires a whole new skillset: self-branding and content.

Buyers today conduct their own research online, soliciting peer advice, comparing products side by side, assessing sentiment on social media, chat boards or Google results, and getting a long way towards shaping a decision before they ever connect with your brand.

This checklist takes you through the six steps of creating your own personal brand:

  • Change your mindset
  • Get social on Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Microblog and blog
  • Set goals
  • Measure your goals

Download the checklist now and start rocking your personal brand right.

To build your own personal brand, become a trusted expert, and “go long” with prospect relationships. Take the position of a helper – with no expectation of a sale at this stage. This seemingly counterintuitive attitude is what now takes the place of the old sales call.

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