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TV Experts / Sales Training / Aug 8, 2017 / Posted by John Elsey / 48 

John Elsey Talks Sales Training Evolution


Welcome to Sales Training Month at SalesPOP! For all of August, our expert contributors will be focusing on the vital subject of Sales Training. 

John Elsey has a long history in the sales training and sales performance industries from being CEO of Huthwaite (SPIN Selling) to now being CEO of Richardson. John has lead many modernization projects at the companies he has run and is driving the new generation of sales training products and services at Richardson.

In this interview he talks with host John Golden about how sales training has changed over the past number of years and what the future holds.

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About Author

John D. Elsey is CEO of Richardson and has held a variety of senior-executive positions for private sector and publicly traded companies, including chief executive officer positions for Virginia-based ESI International, and the Informa Performance Improvement group of companies, part of Informa PLC.

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