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TV Experts / Sales Training / Aug 14, 2017 / Posted by Jane Gentry / 143 

Jane Gentry Talks Sales Training


Welcome to Sales Training Month at SalesPOP! For all of August, our expert contributors will be focusing on the vital subject of Sales Training. 

Statistics show that sales training is not nearly as effective as the goals set for it, or as it certainly should be. How important is sales training? It’s really the only way to proactively raise your closing ratio, without constantly adding sales reps to your team.

How can we raise sales training effectiveness? Join sales leadership consultant and world-renowned speaker Jane Gentry and our host John Golden as we explore this crucial subject that affects every company’s bottom line.

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About Author

Jane Gentry leverages 25 years of experience with Fortune 500 clients to help mid-market companies grow revenue by solving key sales issues like: process, client engagement, leadership, relationship management and hiring. She speaks worldwide on topics about sales growth and leadership.

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