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Bob Urichuck Talks Sales Training


Welcome to Sales Training Month at SalesPOP! For all of August, our expert contributors will be focusing on the vital subject of Sales Training. 

Bob Urichuck is a catalyst for constant improvement and a cultivator of human potential as an International Professional Speaker, Trainer and best-selling Author.

His latest books—Velocity Selling: How to Attract, Engage and Empower Buyers to Buy and Motivate Your Team in 30 Days (co-authored with his son Dave)—are new in 2014.

Bob is an internationally recognized Sales Guru, ranked #7 in 2016 and in the World’s top 10 since 2008. He has been recognized as Consummate Speaker of the year and awarded Platinum Speaker Status by Meeting Professionals International (MPI).

He took some time out of his busy schedule to talk to John Golden about the importance of sales training and how to embed it within an organization.

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About Author

Bob Urichuck is the founder of, an innovative web-based learning platform that provides selling and non-selling professionals with continuous, affordable and accessible buyer-focused sales training and mentoring.Bob has been recognized as an International Sales Expert and ranked in the top 10 of the World‘s Top 30 Sales Gurus since 2008. He is also the author of three best-selling books being: Velocity Selling: how to Attract, Engage and Empower Buyers to Buy; Motivate your Team in 30 Days; and Disciplined for Life: You Are the Author of Your Future.

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