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What is Real Pipeline Management?

When you poll senior management in a company about what is important in sales, they’ll generally say, “the pipeline.” But when you start querying them on what that means you can get many different answers. To many, pipeline management actually means forecasting…but in reality pipeline management is all about what is done to reach those sales goals. You have a lead that becomes a real opportunity, and you either win or lose it–it has a discreet beginning and a discreet end. An integral part of pipeline management is a well-defined precise sales process. Join host John Golden, and sales management training expert and author of Cracking the Sales Management Code Jason Jordan in a practical, forthright address of pipeline management.

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Jason Jordan is a partner at Vantage Point, focusing exclusively on sales manager training, and is a recognized thought leader in B2B sales. Jason is also a best-selling author, and his articles have been published in Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and many others.

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