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#SalesChats #15: The Importance of an Equality Mindset for Sales With Robert Terson


What’s the most important trait you need to become a master salesperson? Robert Terson says it’s an Equality Mindset. Most salespeople approach a prospect from a point of deference. Fact is that great salespeople are polite, respectful — but not deferential and subservient. Master salespeople meet their prospects from a point of equality. People (especially salespeople) have to believe in the value their products or services and they have to be excited about bringing value. This means being glad to talk with potential customers. Robert Terson explains why an equality mindset is important in sales to provide value and talks about the biggest fears salespeople have,

Watch this fantastic live discussion and benefit from the mentioned advices to learn how you can practice an equality mindset to be more successful in your sales position.

Questions discussed:
Q1: How do you define the term “equality mindset”? Why is it important in sales?
Q2: What are the biggest fears salespeople struggle with?
Q3: What are some ways to overcome fears when it comes to sales?
***The #SalesChats Super-Charged Sales Tip: Name one of your daily secrets to getting in the right Mindset for Success!

About Author

Robert Terson has been a sales professional and entrepreneur his entire adult life. He retired from his advertising company in 2010, after close to 40 years in business. Today, Bob writes, speaks, does some LIMITED coaching and training, and generously shares his time with others. He lives in suburban Chicago with his wonderful wife Nicki. He blogs regularly at and you can follow Bob on twitter @RobertTerson and LinkedIn. His book "Selling Fearlessly", released in October 2012, has received rave reviews and is available at

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