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#SalesChats #12: Social Selling: From Hobby to Revenue Generator with Mic Adam


Social Selling: From Hobby to Revenue Generator with Mic Adam

With all the buzz around social selling– what are the strategies (and tactics) that work? Social selling advocate Mic Adam weighs in with answers to your lead generation questions and beyond.

The SalesChats crew and Mic share social media for sales best practices. They pose provocative questions– Is social selling creating a bridge between sales and marketing? Or making the divide larger? The discussion turns around the incendiary topic of whether or not social selling is a time waster for your sales force?

Listen in to learn how to scale your social activity to revenue engine and leave with some actionable advice!

Q1: Is social (my hobby) in sales (lead generation) a waste of time?
Q2: Is social selling making the gap between sales and marketing bigger?
Q3: How to to make your hobby your lead generation?
***The SalesChats Super-Charged Sales Tip: Name one of your daily secrets to getting in the right Mindset for Success?

About Author

Mic helps clients bridge the gap between Social Media and Business through his B2B and B2C sales, marketing and general management experience. He is an online & offline networker, marketeer and social selling professional. Mic thrives on the passion to drive sales and profits up for clients by communicating and promoting their unique selling propositions for products and services through social media and traditional channels.Website Blog

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