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How To Motivate Salespeople


Sales motivation of your team is dependent on many things and it can vary greatly in time. What most sales managers do when they want to increase sales incentives is sending bulk or group emails with no personalization whatsoever.

Leigh Ashton talks about how you can differentiate people by using two simple categories: People motivated “Towards” something. Gain oriented people. More sales, more prospects, more and more.

And then people motivated “Away From”. Like having talk with sales manager, dealing with missing target and similar discomforts. Leigh explains what are specifics for each group and how you should approach their sales motivation, but also how you could approach your prospects and boss with this method.


About Author

Leigh Ashton is the author of iSell, aa well as a speaker, trainer and coach. She helps people incorporate psychology alongside technical selling skills – leading to positive changes in attitude, approach and sales results. Leigh has trained thousands of business owners and her findings remain consistent...even outwardly confident people often lack the inner confidence and practical strategies to achieve great sales results on a consistent basis. She works with business owners, directors and managers to identify and eliminate psychological barriers within their teams and the reasons or excuses used to rationalise their lack of consistently great sales. Once these deeper changes have taken place...they are motivated to incorporate positive new behaviours on a long term basis. Leigh’s mantra is to leave people feeling inspired to take action!

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