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#SalesChats #19: How to Create Deeper Customer Relationships with Jermaine Edwards


Right at the center of any successful sales cycle is the customer relationship, it’s this element that Jermaine Edwards places the most stress. Creating a deeper Customer relationships.  Jermaine points out that customer relationship should be part and parcel of the customer experience from beginning to end. In fact excellent customer relationship tactics can trim off as much as 50% from the sales cycle.

Discussion questions include:

  • How would you define Customer Relationship, why should sales leaders and organizations be so focused on improving it?
  • What can sales leaders do to help create & sustain a Customer Relationship – focused work environment?
  • What are some key aspects that can help #salespeople in maintaining positive, collaborative customer relations?

Join us as we take a fascinating look at the importance of customer relationships with Jermaine Edwards.

About Author

Jermaine Edwards is founder, key customer growth coach and B2B relationship strategist. Jermaine helps Key Account Managers, Managers of account teams, consultants and B2B businesses around the world turn their customer relationships into a strategic advantage and create predictable long term sales from their high value customers.

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