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#SalesChats #17: The Entrepreneurial Sales Manager with Andy Gole


#SalesChats Ep. 17 The Entrepreneurial Sales Manager with Andy Gole

Sales management can be a high-turnover position. Why is this, and how is it solved?

As champion sales veteran, entrepreneur and leading sales consultant Andy Gole explains, there are 4 basic levels of sales management. The top level is that of entrepreneurial sales manager–as Andy describes, the “master of change.” He or she can help the sales force and help change what they do in the field.

Join us as Andy walks us through this fascinating look at how the entrepreneurial sales manager comes about!

Questions discussed:

Q1: Ok let’s start with the basics – sales manager and entrepreneur – not a usual combination most people would come up with – so what do you mean by the entrepreneurial sales manager?

Q2: I believe that the sales manager can be the greatest revenue multiplier in any organization but too often they end up the opposite – why do you think that is given that the stats on sales manager tenure is just over a year?\

Q3: Ok so give me your simple step-by-step guide to becoming more of an entrepreneurial sales manager – what can i start doing today?

About Author

Andy Gole has taught selling skills for over 20 year, to 90 clients in a wide variety of industries and market conditions, including declining markets. He started three businesses – a sales agency selling packaging, a product company selling to retailers and a sales consulting company - and has made approximately 4,000 sales calls, selling both B2B and B2C. He invented a selling process, Urgency Based Selling®, from his field experience. UBS can typically help companies double their closing or conversion ratio, and increase sales 10-20%. He taught selling skills at Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Rothman Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies for 8 years.

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