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TV SalesChats / Sales Management / May 15, 2015 / Posted by Dave Brock / 360 

#SalesChats Ep. 8: The High Cost of a Salesperson with David Brock

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The High Cost of a Salesperson with sales expert David A. Brock

You can’t hide from the truth… The cost of selling is frightening! In this episode David uncovers costly selling expenses and shares how you can avoid the terror.

The so very important topic of sales training rears it’s head again, as even in the Fortune 500 companies David consults to, this area is sorely lacking– at such an astronomically high cost.

About Author

Dave has spent his career developing high-performance organizations for both startups and Fortune 25 names like IBM, HP, GE, and Microsoft. As a consultant, he is recognized as a thought leader and strategic planner who employs pragmatic methods to execute high-impact results.

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