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Are You an Effective Sales Manager? Here are 10 Clues
Blog / Sales Management / May 18, 2017 / Posted by John Golden / 2771 

Are You an Effective Sales Manager? Here are 10 Clues


1. Your company’s Go-To-Market strategy is understood by your sales team.

2. Instead of staying at the back end of the pipeline frantically trying to get deals closed, most of your time is spent at the front end helping qualify early-stage opportunities.

3. Your company has evolved and clearly defined an ideal target customer profile, and your sales team knows it well.

4. Instead of a large, speculative pipeline, you are quite comfortable with a smaller one that contains only well-qualified opportunities.

5. When you sit in on sales calls, it is clear you are there in a secondary, supportive role.

6. The difference between coaching and selling is clearly understood by you.

7. You don’t pass up any opportunity to coach & role play.

8. Only an absolute emergency would pull you away from your formal, scheduled coaching sessions; that is how committed you are to them.

9. At least once a quarter, you facilitate customer growth and account planning as part of a formal process.

10. You operate at a predictable cadence.

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