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Save Time


September 2018
Anyone who writes emails on a regular basis, or needs to ensure proper written communication or documents needs to get Grammarly. Full Review
This app has saved me so much time! It allows me to do a lot of different things surrounding my employees payroll, taxes, and employee information such as yearly salary, etc Full Review

UPS Mobile

July 2018
The UPS all has really helped me save time, and manage my mailing and shipping needs much more efficiently.  Full Review
Save time with Hours Keeper, the app that tracks your hours worked, rate of pay, and more! Full Review


June 2018
I like keeping up with the news, but I don't always have time to check apps and read articles or watch the 5:00 news. Having the CNN app means that I get ping notifications throughout the day on the most important news stories, so I can get brief updates on what is happening in the world. Full Review
I have been a long time amazon user, and having important items delivered right to my door, within 2 hours, and for FREE has been such a game changer. Full Review


June 2018
This app is awesome. Like the name says, it really does automate everything in my life. It has been wonderful for keeping me organized and helping me save time. Full Review
This app is a game changer. It has completely changed how I travel internationally. I can zoom right through the customs line and get home faster. Full Review
This app is invaluable, both for use in my hometown and when I travel. It's amazing. It makes using public transportation so easy. Full Review
This app is amazing. It keeps all of my appointments and meetings together, plus I can see my colleagues calendars. It keeps me organized, helps me save time, and is definitely a must-have application for personal AND business usage. Full Review


March 2018
Just stumbled upon this and I’m pleasantly surprised! I just wish more locations were available to put on places I’ve been and wish to go as those are the trips that are typically more expensive.  Full Review
Cheap Flights OK! is a wonderful app that has very clean well designed and a joy to use. I’ve used this a number of times to search for flights and had no problem so far. Full Review