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Is Entrepreneurship Dead?

Entrepreneurs / Mar 27, 2017 / Nikolaus Kimla

While many will find the title controversial, especially given today’s climate of fostering startups, Nikolaus actually believes that entrepreneurship, as it is presented in many arenas, is actually dead and, in fact, could never get off the ground in the way it is often proposed. Read More

Managing a Social Sales Team

Sales Management / Mar 15, 2017 / John Golden

There has been so much talk about Social Selling and what that means to Salespeople but there has been precious little attention given to the impact on Sales Managers. Finally here is an ebook that provides practical advice on how best to approach and adopt Social Selling with your sales team. Read More

11 Great Sales Methodologies …Empowered by Pipeliner CRM

Pipeliner CRM / Feb 28, 2017 / Nikolaus Kimla

There are numerous popular sales methodologies today. These methodologies all bring sales best practices from different quarters, and greatly assist salespeople and sales organizations to consistently close a higher percentage of deals. In this ebook we explore 11 of the most popular sales methodologies.   Interestingly each of these sales methodologies, in their own way, ... Read More

eBook: Lifecycle Marketing 101: What Every B2B Marketer Needs to Know about CLM

Sales Management / Feb 20, 2017 / John Golden

Right On Interactive is helping companies use Customer Lifecycle Marketing strategies by surfacing their “best-fit” customers. Surface and Cultivate their Best-Fit Customers Are you curious about the trending topic of Customer Lifecycle Marketing, and how it could help you grow your business? Right On Interactive’s ebook, Lifecycle Marketing 101: What Every B2B Marketer Needs to ... Read More

The Everything Guide to Choosing the Right CRM Solution

All About CRM / Feb 15, 2017 / Pipeliner

There are many considerations when choosing the perfect CRM. Our comprehensive guide talks you through all the issues — from every angle — so you can make the best decision for your team. The Journey to the Best CRM for You Traditionally, salespeople have not welcomed CRM software with open arms. They perceive CRM tools ... Read More

Take a Sales Management Audit

Sales Management / Jan 6, 2017 / Ken Thoreson

Review and score your overall sales ecosystem with Ken Thoreson’s revealing audit. Tune Your Sales Tactics with Ken Thoreson’s Sales Audit Your sales ecosystem is supposed to be a finely-tuned set of activities working together to move sales from lead to close. But do you have unseen stumbling blocks that are preventing the system from ... Read More

Sales Force Education

Sales Management / Dec 12, 2016 / Nikolaus Kimla

Perhaps more than any other vocation, salespeople generally get their educations on the job. There is no university degree for a “Bachelor of Sales.” Any veteran sales rep will tell you that the only real way to learn how to sell is to get out there and do it, fall on your butt, and get ... Read More

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