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The Five Fundamentals of Effective Sales Management

Sales Management / Oct 10, 2017 / John Golden

John Golden and Matt McDarby outline the five fundamental management activities including a careful alignment with the organization’s Go-To-Market strategy, a deliberate focus on early-stage pipeline opportunities, a dedication to coaching, and a deliberate approach to account growth, all underpinned by a carefully designed and rigorously-adhered-to operating rhythm. Read More

Managing a Social Sales Team

Sales Management / Aug 14, 2017 / John Golden

There has been so much talk about Social Selling and what that means to Salespeople but there has been precious little attention given to the impact on Sales Managers. Finally here is an ebook that provides practical advice on how best to approach and adopt Social Selling with your sales team. Read More

Precision Measuring of Sales Performance: The KPIs

Sales Management / Jun 29, 2017 / Pipeliner

In this white paper, Nikolaus Kimla explores the vital necessity of using the right KPIs when measuring sales performance. In life, some understanding of the past and some perception of what the future is to bring are good to have. They bring stability and happiness to living. In business these factors are vitally necessary—the less ... Read More

Facing Forward: Today’s Sales Mindset

For Sales Pros / Jun 3, 2017 / Nikolaus Kimla

“Nikolaus Kimla’s latest book, Facing Forward, is another valuable contribution to clarifying the best role for CRM software in the success of modern sales pros. An effective CRM solution must serve the needs of today’s overworked sales people. The folks at Pipeliner really get this and it drives all of their software development efforts. Right ... Read More

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