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Your Little Black Book for Conferences and Conventions
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Your Little Black Book for Conferences and Conventions

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Advice from sales experts who are also seasoned attendees — How to make the most of the in-person event.

Indispensable techniques for keeping organized and productive at events and conferences

We’ve got a new ebook just perfect for anyone planning to attend an in-person event or conference! — The Little Black Book for Conferences and Conventions.

Four experienced event attendees have written all their secret squirrel techniques and ideas for how to make the most of these opportunities — from preparing ahead of time, to what to do during the event, to following up afterward. Our experts:

  • Barbara Giamanco — Leading social selling author, speaker, and advisor
  • Joanne Black — Renowned authority on referral selling
  • Peri Shawn — Award-winning sales and coaching author, speaker, and trainer
  • Chad Porter — Co-founder of Invisume (“The Invisible Resume”)

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Building Relationships – Numbered lists for preparing and making the most out of relationship-building activities
  • Keeping Organized Amid the Chaos – Secret methods and apps that help maintain control — scheduling, what to bring with you, and using your time wisely
  • Before the Event – Activities, planning, and creating a state of mind that sets the stage for success
  • During the Event: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques – Contacting people, using social media, and managing meetups
  • After the Event – Putting all your hard work to good use — don’t fall short at the finish line!
  • Techniques That Really Work – Experts’ secret squirrel ideas that might just work for you
  • Etiquette Pet Peeves – What to do — and what not to do!

Download this fun and free ebook, and you will be prepared and productive at your next in-person conference!

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