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Five Ways to Bring Out the Best in Your People
Leadership / Dec 14, 2015 / Posted by Tracey McCormack / 257 

Five Ways to Bring Out the Best in Your People

As managers I know we all want our people to be happy and thriving at work. Getting the best out your team takes great leadership on your part. Here are 5 simple and effective tools for really getting the best work out of your team:

  1. Set the Tone at the Top: Your business behavior, attitude and optimism will set the tone for the whole staff to follow. Leading by example may sound simplistic, but it’s the best advice anyone can give you.
  2. Take a Sincere Interest in the Course of Others’ Careers: Studies have proven that career development of your staff will keep them motivated and employed longer with your company. Give them the training they need and show an interest in developing their skills and you’ll win their loyalty.
  3. Set Ambitious but Not Unrealistic Goals: Stretch goals are important but setting unrealistic, unachievable goals is a far greater de-motivator than you would guess. Everyone wants to hit their goals – so really spend time crunching the numbers to set goals that work for THEM and for the company.
  4. Provide Honest and Insightful Feedback Regularly: You’re not doing anyone on your team a favor if you’re not honest with them about their performance. The trick to doing this well is to discuss what they are doing WELL first and then following up with areas of needed improvement.
  5. Get to Know Who Your People Really Are: Have you ever asked your employees what they are passionate about? What they care about? What they value? Know more about them than how many kids they have and where they live. Really put effort into understanding what they value and it will help you better determine how to motivate and manage them.
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