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Trigger Events: The Job Title as a Prospecting Tool
Blog / All About CRM / Sep 18, 2014 / Posted by Alyson Stone / 840 

Trigger Events: The Job Title as a Prospecting Tool

Amar Sheth at Sales for Life hosts a popular video series, “The Social Success Factor” where he interviews people who have incorporate social selling activities into their workflow. This interview is with Chris Poole from Spot Check Services, a company that provides tools to improve customer satisfaction.

Chris has had amazing success with social. Recently, he took Amar’s course in social selling and tried one of the techniques. He set up an advanced search to track changes in job titles. “Cusp moments” when someone is changing jobs are great opportunities. A new job may mean someone has a focus on your product or service, and the passion and credibility to make it happen. Here’s an infographic from It demonstrates how a single job change creates several selling opportunities.

discoverorg chart
It was just such a search that provided Chris with a lead (one that became a pipeline deal). He has found, using social techniques, that selling is more fun, more productive, and provides a way to avoid “gatekeepers.”

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