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Four Proven Techniques For Phone Sales Success
All About CRM / Oct 28, 2016 / Posted by Ali Mirza / 805 

Four Proven Techniques For Phone Sales Success

Phone sales – neither the salesperson nor the prospect enjoys them thanks to recent trends of telemarketers and phone scammers. People’s level of trust with cold phone calls seems to be at an all-time low. With that in mind, there are some proven methods that can help ease the pain for all involved.

#1: Tone it down

Be sure not to use too much enthusiasm on the phone. It can sound very disingenuous. For example, “HEY HOW ARE YOU DOING TODAY ROB?” is just too much and too enthusiastic. At this point, most people are wise to the sleazy phone sales tactics and can smell the fakeness miles away. Instead, try something like this “Hey Rob, it’s Ali, do you have a minute to chat?”.

#2: Script The First 10 Seconds Of Your Call

Don’t leave the opening to chance. You want to star the call with confidence and a goal in mind. Be sure to leave space for your prospect to reply, if they feel they are being bulldozed they will immediately start thinking of ways to end the call before they get weaseled into something.

#3: Build The Value That Fits

Be sure to establish the value of your product and the value that it will specifically give to them. Make sure the prospect knows you are calling to offer them a solution to their problem. This leads to the next point.

#4: Lead With Common Challenges

Instead of focusing on how great your product is, focus on showing them how it will help solve their challenges and meet their goals. Here is an example of how to do this: “Rob, I understand what you’re saying, I spoke with another client yesterday that faced the exact same challenge, and what we ended up doing was XYZ and the result has been ABC. ”

By using an approach that is focused on challenges and then ultimately engaging that prospect, you’re going to find that your prospects are suddenly much more responsive to whatever it is that you ultimately have to offer.

So there you have it: the four phone sales tips that will dramatically increase your sales results – to more and bigger sales.

About Author

Ali Mirza is an accomplished Sales Master and Trainer! Starting his career in sales at the tender age of 18, Ali quickly realized that he would have to become better because being terrible at selling was not fun. Since then, Ali has personally closed almost $100 Million in sales for many companies from small local establishments to large multi-national organizations. Since 2012, Ali has taken his passion for closing deals to teaching others how to close deals. Ali firmly believes, there is no such thing as a born salesman; the only things born are baby boys and baby girls! Salespeople are taught. Ali currently lives in Atlanta and travels the country helping companies increase their sales; you can keep up with him @

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