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How To Get More Than 58% of Your Revenue from LinkedIn Groups
Blog / All About CRM / Sep 3, 2014 / Posted by Jill Konrath / 1921 

How To Get More Than 58% of Your Revenue from LinkedIn Groups


Thomas von Ahn of  Viral Solutions is the poster boy for what to do right on LinkedIn. Jill’s video above, and the original article talk about how Thomas drives sales directly to his pipeline while being genuine and a “go giver.”

Here Are Some Things You Can Do To Get 58% of Your Revenue Via LinkedIn Groups

  • Join niche groups (<5K) in addition to larger groups. You message will get through to a larger percentage, and you can form deeper relationships.
  • When you see what group members are most interested in, worried about, or challenged by, write an ebook about it — give it away for free to group members.
  • Find the groups your customers belong to and join those groups.
  • Find the groups your target prospects belong to and join them.
  • Who are your group members connected to?
  • Eliminate connections. Feel free to weed your connection list. Disconnect from those who aren’t relating to you at all. If you sense they’re using you to build their audience, just disconnect.
  • Be generous when you’re part of a group. Sharing your knowledge is powerful, confidence building, and satisfying.
  • Avoid spammy groups — go for groups with active discussions and a feeling of camaraderie.

The average top salesperson belongs to many LinkedIn groups. Sixty percent of them more than 30 groups!

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