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Julie Hansen

Julie Hansen helps salespeople craft and deliver presentations that engage and persuade today’s busy decision-makers. Julie is the author of Sales Presentations for Dummies and Act  Like a Sales Pro! She is the founder of Performance Sales and Training, offering sales presentation workshops.

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Is Your Sales Presentation Built to Bore?

Is Your Sales Presentation Built to Bore?

For Sales Pros / Dec 20, 2017 / Julie Hansen

How many boring presentations have you been subjected to in your life? Depending on the role, you can multiply that by ten, twenty or fifty for your prospect! Why does this matter? Boring presentations are unsuccessful presentations. They fail to differentiate you from the competition, hold the attention of busy prospects or motivate them to ... Read More

Start with Why: The Key to a Successful Presentation

Start with Why: The Key to a Successful Presentation

For Sales Pros / May 19, 2017 / Julie Hansen

Have you ever sat through a presentation and thought, “Why am I here?” Presentations that do not answer the question “Why?” are confusing, try your patience, and usually lead nowhere. In his popular TED Talk, Start with Why, Simon Sinek proposed that people won’t fully buy into a product, service or concept until they understand ... Read More

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