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Jeffrey Lipsius

Jeffrey Lipsius is President of Selling To The Point®-Sales Training and Consulting. Jeffrey has been training salespeople for over 30 years. His award-winning book, Selling To The Point, teaches salespeople to address a challenging new sales environment by being their customer’s “decision coach.”

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Handle Objections at the Level of the Objection

Handle Objections at the Level of the Objection

For Sales Pros / Oct 6, 2017 / Jeffrey Lipsius

One day a corporate client asked me to coach a struggling salesperson named David. This surprised me because David was widely regarded as the most knowledgeable salesperson in the company. Watching David in action taught me a valuable lesson. Objections can come from two different levels. Salespeople must address them at their respective levels. The ... Read More

Prioritize Your Customer’s Decision Performance

Prioritize Your Customer’s Decision Performance

For Sales Pros / May 3, 2017 / Jeffrey Lipsius

Salespeople and traditional sales training must face an inconvenient truth. A salesperson only gets a sale if his/her customer first decides that salesperson will be getting that sale. Salespeople are in the decision business. In other words, salespeople’s success depends upon the decision making of others. Salespeople must remember that there’s another conversation going on ... Read More

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