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Lyft App - Affordable Rides


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“When I travel for work, it saves me time and money to use Lyft. The best part is that I never have to worry about getting lost, or look for parking when I’m crunched for time racing to a client meeting.”

Reviewer: Allen Quigley

Vendor Provided Information:

Need a lift? Try Lyft for a friendly, affordable ride whenever you need one. Request a ride with the tap of a button, and get picked up by a nearby community driver who’ll take you to your destination within minutes.

  • Split the cost of a ride with friends. It’s easy, fast, and secure.
  • All lyft drivers pass comprehensive background and DMV checks.
  • Drivers are rated by passengers and only the highest-rated drivers are allowed on the road.
  • Lyft provides a first-of-its-kind $1M liability insurance for total peace of mind.
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