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Blog / Feb 21, 2018 / Catherine Brinkman
The Unknown Variable Client

The Unknown Variable Client

It’s that time of year: We are all setting our sales goals for 2018. We must make sure that we keep the spark alive with our current clients, because they are setting their 2018 goals too. Businesses will have winning years, losing years, employees poached, employees retired, administration changes and negotiation battles. This means that ... Read More

e-books / Feb 20, 2018 / Nikolaus Kimla

5 Essential Principles for Sales Fitness

What does fitness mean for a salesperson? Hint: it’s not just being buff. Fitness is an interesting subject. It certainly means staying bodily fit–and the tens of thousands of gyms seen all over our cities serve as reminders of how much attention people have on toned physiques today. But it also means staying fit in ... Read More

Snapshots Infographics / Feb 5, 2018 / Tom Searcy
7 Key Responsibilities of Sales Managers

7 Key Responsibilities of Sales Managers

The B2B buying process is shifting, and as a result, selling as we know it has shifted, too. Until lately, salespeople had a lot of control. Armed with a territory, price structure, and targets, they could roam, free-range style. As long as they managed their territory and produced results. Sales management provided oversight, bridged with ... Read More

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Panel Discussion: Make 2018 Your Best Sales Year Yet

Panel Discussion: Make 2018 Your Best Sales Year Yet!

Feb 22, 2018 / 2:05 am

According to many experts, we’re in an economic upswing. In addition to a great economy, what is needed to make 2018 your best sales year yet? What skills do you need? What insight do you need into today’s sales landscape? What process changes might be on the horizon for buyers and sellers? Join us as […]

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How Sales Can Become More Of A Strategic Weapon - Roy Osing

SalesChats: How Sales Can Become More of a Strategic Weapon

Feb 22, 2018 / 2:05 am

To sell today, it takes a lot more than clever tricks--the approach must be carefully thought through and strategic. What does that mean? Join blogger, content marketer, educator, coach, adviser and author Roy Osing as he clues us in from his 33-year-plus leadership experience. Hosted by John Golden and Martha Neumeister. Episode questions: Q1: Sales […]

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