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Snapshots Slideshows / Aug 28, 2017 / Nikolaus Kimla

6 Steps to Being a Salespreneur

Achieving status from salesperson to being a salespreneur—the champion salesperson of today—demands a lot of time and dedication. From the very beginning of your professional growth you are confronted with hordes of tasks to be done and lessons to be learned and may easily get the feeling of being totally lost. Luckily, by applying 6 ... Start a slideshow

TV Experts / Sep 18, 2017 / Robert Jolles
Rob Jolles Talks Sales Presentations

Rob Jolles Talks Sales Presentations

An important aspect of selling to a group with a sales presentation is selling within the presentation. It’s one thing to sell one-on-one, where the person you’re selling to is going to be talking as much as you. But what does it look like when you as the salesperson are doing most of the talking? ... Read More

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Panel Discussion: Cold Calling is NOT Dead

Sep 19, 2017 / 6:01 am

In this digital age of social media, there are those that will swear that cold calling—once the bread and butter of outbound lead generation—is long gone forever. But there are those experts who swear otherwise, and that clearly demonstrate through consulting client success that the opposite is actually true: cold calling is indeed not dead

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Jammed! The Sales Manager Boot Camp

Sep 19, 2017 / 6:01 am / $899.99

We hear these comments all the time: Our revenues are flat We have too much to do, we don’t have time to build a sales organization I am frustrated with my sales team, do I have the right team? I have a problem growing sales profitably My pipeline is full, but nothing is closing I

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